We reviewed the Best AARP Medical Alert Companies in 2021

Best AARP Medical Alert Systems

When most seniors want reliable information about services, they turn to AARP. For those who are considering a medical alert system, there are several recommendations from AARP. These are some of the companies mentioned in their main article concerning medical alert systems and devices.

Life Alert

life-alertThis company offers a bracelet device with a button that signals for help when activated. It can be pushed for falls, emergencies and even home intrusions. Lifeline offers free shipping, a warranty and free equipment use. The company does not require buyers to have a landline. All devices and electronic components of their systems have UL approval, and Lifeline is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. This system costs $30 per month and has a range of 150 feet from the console to the pendant.

Philips Lifeline

philips-lifelineThe Lifeline system was the first one used in the United States in the early 1970s. Today, hundreds of thousands of seniors rely on their Lifeline pendant or watch devices to send signals for help. The company will install landline jacks and all other equipment for a small fee, and the equipment is free of charge. The maximum range between the device and the console is 500 feet. Monthly service is about $30. This company is accredited with the BBB.

Medical Alert

medical-alertMedical Alert offers a free introductory month of service to ensure satisfaction. The system comes with a pendant device, and users have the option to include GPS to allow for easy location while away from home. There is no landline requirement, and the equipment is free to use. Plans start at about $25 per month. However, some are more expensive for GPS and other features. There is no long-term contract to sign, and the company is accredited with the BBB.


first-alert-alert-1-medical-1To stay competitive, Alert1 offers a free month of service, free activation and free equipment. There is a range of about 600 feet around the console. Alert1 is also accredited with the BBB. Plans start at just under $26 per month for basic service and range as high as $50 per month for fall protection with GPS and mobile capabilities. The company has been in business for almost 30 years and provides a guaranteed refund within 30 days if customers are not satisfied.

ADT Companion

adtlogoThis company is a direct affiliate of AARP. ADT Companion’s monthly plan costs $30. Buyers can choose between a wrist bracelet or a pendant. There are no activation costs for the initial equipment installation. The devices are waterproof and have long-lasting batteries. The range capacity is about 300 feet from the console to the device. ADT is recommended by the AARP for its quick response time and reliability as a company.

AARP Tips For Staying Safer

There are also other companies listed on the AARP’s site. Some offer local or regional services. The AARP recommends verifying a company’s legitimacy before signing up for service. In recent years, many companies have scammed seniors out of thousands of dollars for fake services. The scam usually includes an unsolicited phone call, and there is a fear-invoking recorded message that warns of the dangers of falling at home alone. This is followed by a prompt to press a button for a “free” medical alert device. Seniors are then tricked into providing financial information and purchase a worthless service or never receive a device.

Which Company Is The Best Choice?

Each company is ideal in its own way in terms of what it offers to match a specific buyer’s needs. Pick a device and plan that meets monthly budget requirements. Keep in mind that some companies charge for installation and others do not. Some companies require a landline or will charge to install a phone jack if the home does not have one. Other companies do not use a phone jack for their services. This is an important consideration for seniors who do not have a landline. Also, pick a device that has a suitable range for the size of home where it will be used.

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