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eCare+Voice Medical Alert Systems Review

Advantages – long-lasting battery (120 hours in standby mode)

Disadvantages – users must purchase a charging pad separately. The basic package comes with a mini USB cable.

Conclusion – eCare+Voice provides excellent service thanks to its exceptional GPS tracking features.


eCare+Voice is a GPS-based medical alert system which you can use in the shower or on a rainy day. This water-resistant device also provides volume control which is another good thing because you can adjust the sound according to your needs and depending on the place where you are using the device.


As we said before, eCare+Voice has an excellent battery life which allows you to use the device for up to 120 hours. These figures apply to standby mode. The battery life is directly affected by the strength of the cellular signal and the level of use. This GPD medical alert unit has a wall charger which requires a mini USB port. The standalone charging pad which is easier to use doesn’t come with the basic package (you have to pay for it).

Monitoring options

If you need assistance, you can push the button located on the front side of the unit and the monitoring center will receive your call. The center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever you push the button, the center will get the GPS location of your device which means that they can send help even if you don’t talk to them. There is a speaker for two-way communication too. There is an online web platform that provides more monitoring options.

Fees and contracts

This device requires a one-time activation fee ($30). What many users like is that there are no contracts involved. So, there is only a month-to-month package that you can cancel at any time without paying any penalties.

Support and help

As one of the leading GPS medical alert units on the market, the eCare+Voice device comes with 1-year warranty. Those who need support for this device can use the company’s email and phone to get more information. There is also a detailed online user manual.

Review summary

eCare+Voice provides useful tracking options for you and your family. If you choose this unit, you can expect to get long battery life and a few high-quality monitoring features like location tracking through an online web platform. There is no long-term contract involved which means that trying this device won’t cost you much.

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