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First Alert Medical Alert System Review

First Alert Alert-1 has been in business for more than 25 years and remains one of the leading fall detection alert systems on the market. You can decide if the First Alert Alert-1 medical system by learning more about the product and what kinds of reviews customers give it.

Benefits of the First Alert Alert-1 Medical System

first-alert-alert-1-medical-1First Alert Alert-1 garners high favor with online reviewers and customers alike for its no-cost durable equipment and ease of use. The system itself includes two devices, both of which are simple to connect and have no need for professional installation from the company. The system’s primary, the emergency alert console, connects to the client’s standard phone line and a power outlet.

The emergency help button comes as a wearable waterproof bracelet or necklace. It has a 600-foot range, allowing clients to summon help from anywhere in their homes. Moreover, clients can request an additional emergency alert button for their spouse. The simple installation combined with the system’s range of service within the home contributes to its Consumer Advocate four-star rating.

Online review sites like Consumer Advocate also like that the system comes with 24-hour emergency service as well as mobile access that allow clients to control the system with their smartphones or tablet computer. People who have subscribed to First Alert Alert-1 note that the around-the-clock service as well as the mobile access allow the system to dispatch help within minutes. Ambulance, first responders, and law enforcement are notified immediately and are able to arrive quickly to the distressed subscriber’s residence.

first-alert-alert-1-medical-3Other perks that come with the system include additional hardware like wall mounted emergency buttons, voice extenders, and extra help buttons. Although sold a la carte and separately from the initial medical alert system package, these extras help people tailor the emergency alert services they want or need in their homes. The availability of these extra items also help bolster First Alert Alert-1’s online ratings and reviews.

Likewise, the system retains 99 percent of its power during a blackout or power outage. It can remain functional for up to 24 hours after the lights go out in your home.

Finally, First Alert Alert-1 has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. During its 25 years in business, it has served more than 200,000 subscribers. It also is one of the most popular medical alert companies that is commonly recommended by doctors.

Subscription and Pricing

While the home alert system itself is free, First Alert’s monitoring service is not. It is available only with a monthly subscription that ranges in cost from around $26 to $36, depending on the types of alert services you choose. Without the subscription, the console and emergency alert button will not work. However, you can subscribe to the first 30 days of service for free. After the 30-day free trial period, you can continue your subscription or cancel it and return the devices.

medical-alert-systems-qAnother point of contention that some customers take issue with centers on the relatively short life of the batteries used by the emergency alert buttons. The buttons can only be used for a 24-hour period before they and their batteries must be charged. During the charging period, people are unable to wear their devices, leaving them with no way to summon help unless they purchase more than one emergency alert button.

Finally, while most online reviews report the system and devices offering reliable service, a small yet notable number of reviewers say that their systems failed to work at all. Their consoles and buttons never alerted authorities during emergencies. These individuals had to return their equipment and await new replacements, which took several weeks to arrive to their homes.

For the most part, however, First Alert Alert-1 delivers on its promise to provide reliable and relatively low-priced emergency alert and fall detection services to senior citizens. While it does not utilize some of the newest technology in the at-home emergency medical alert market, it does continue to make available products and services that let seniors summon and receive prompt help during a medical crisis. Many people who subscribe to and make use of the services from this company give it high marks in online reviews.

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