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GreatCall Splash Medical Alert Systems Review

GreatCall Splash Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Advantages – the company behind this product is providing some excellent monitoring-service features like a handy caregiver application and attractive premium plans.

Disadvantages – GreatCall Splash can be obtained only with an outright purchase

Conclusion – GreatCall Splash is a useful GPS medical alert device that provides users a wide range of monitoring options that can’t be found in many other similar devices.


GreatCall Splash is a GPS medical alert unit by GreatCall that relies on the 5Star Service plan developed by the same company. In case you need a medical alert unit for a family member who enjoys outdoor activities, you should know that GreatCall Splash is a great option.


This unit can be bought directly from GreatCall. The outright purchase option may look like a disadvantage to some people, but the truth is that the device is affordable and you don’t have to think about additional charges in case it gets damaged. Tahoe Blue and Desert silver are the two color options for the Splash device. This water-resistant medical alert unit runs smoothly on the Verizon Wireless network. It has a good battery life – up to 96 hours.

Monitoring options

GreatCall Splash is available in about one hundred languages. There are two basic monitoring options. The basic 5Star service allows users to push the emergency button and redirect a phone call to the 5star monitoring service which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The premium GreatCall Health and Safety Plan have the same features as well as Urgent Care option and the helpful GreatCall Link App. This is the special caregiver app provided by GreatCall for smartphones and tablets.

Fees and contracts

The good news is that you don’t have to choose long-term contracts. The subscription fee is paid every month, so if you want to stop using this service you can cancel it without any penalties. Keep in mind that partial month service is not subjected to refunds. There is a one-time activation fee involved too. There is a one-month return policy.

Support and help

The device comes with one-year warranty. In case you want to get additional protection, there is an equipment-replacement plan. By paying a small monthly fee, your damaged or lost unit will be replaced for free.

Review summary

GreatCall is definitely one of the best GPS-based medical alert devices currently available in the market. Even the basic plan allows users to contact the GreatCall monitoring center or 911. There is a dedicated online platform where you can get information and track the device in case you’ve lost it. In case you or some family member requires the protection and assistance of a medical alert device when he or she is outside the home, then you can’t go wrong with GreatCall Splash.

GreatCall Splash Medical Alert Systems Reviews
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