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LifeBeacon Medical Alert Systems Review

LifeBeacon Medical Alert Systems Review

Advantages – users can choose premium plan that provides access to a great web platform with exceptional monitoring features

Disadvantages – lack of water-resistant properties (standard LifeBeacon unit)

Conclusion – A medical GPS device that is worth trying. It comes with a battery that lasts for two days and the company provides a few interesting accessory solutions for better monitoring.


LifeBeacon is a popular GPS medical alert device. The mid-range standby battery life will probably cover all your needs. You can find an extra backup battery in the package and an efficient charging pad. Most users are amazed by the premium features of this device.


We have already mentioned the battery life, but what’s more important is to mention that the battery life depends on the frequency of use and the strength of the cellular signal. In any case, the device sends a warning when the battery levels are low. There is an option for immediate notification to the alert center and emergency numbers if the battery level is critical. Don’t forget that the basic LifeBeacon GPS medical alert device is not water resistant. For an additional monthly fee, you can get a water-resistant version of this device.

Monitoring options

What’s great about LifeBeacon is the well-developed monitoring response center that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this feature, you can rest assured that any emergency call through the LifeBeacon will be processed right away. The support service is bilingual (English and Spanish).

There is also a special monitoring platform that people can open in any browser, but it requires an additional monthly fee. While we are talking about the monitoring options, we should also mention the geofence perimeter on a map available on the platform. With its help, you can set a usual perimeter based on the person’s routine, and whenever he or she leaves this perimeter you will get notifications.

Fees and contracts

This device comes with an activation fee and in case LifeBeacon device gets damaged, you will probably have to pay equipment replacement fee.

There are three basic payment plans – month-to-month (no contract signed), quarterly and annually.

Support and help

LifeBeacon is one of the rare GPS medical alert devices that come with a lifetime warranty. But, this warranty applies only to the hardware. In case the hardware is damaged by the user, it is very likely that the company will charge the full price in order to replace the unit.

Review summary

LifeBeacon is a modern GPD medical alert device that users can wear on their neck or wrist. The device is adjustable and comes with a relatively powerful battery, There are a few interesting premium features that are worth your attention.

LifeBeacon Medical Alert Systems Review
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