We reviewed the Best AARP Medical Alert Companies in 2021

Medical Alert Systems With GPS

Senior citizens today lead increasingly active lives. Many people in this age demographic no longer just stay home and watch TV. They enjoy activities like shopping, going out with friends, and being active in their communities.

Still, when they suffer from health conditions that could require immediate medical help, seniors often prefer to invest in technology that allows first responders to locate and help them quickly. They can decide which medical alert monitoring service with GPS is right for them by reading reviews of these popular emergency alert companies.


adtADT has made a name for itself as one of today’s leading home security companies. While it is best known for its home monitoring technology, it also offers in-home medical and emergency alert services that are designed for senior citizens.

These services include ADT’s 24-hour GPS location and fall detection capabilities. It offers a 3G unlimited cellular option that can be ideal for people on the go or who like the idea of using their phones as backup emergency alert device.

ADT currently has over 6 million subscribers. It offers discounts to members of organizations like AARP and USAA.

Great Call

greatcallGreat Call is already well-known for offering mobile phone services to senior citizens. However, it also makes available 24-hour GPS monitoring and fall detection services with its mobile technology.

Great Call garners favorable reviews from customers because it does not require that people have a landline in order to use its services. It also allows customers to decide who will be contacted in case they get sick or hurt and need medical care. Along with notifying 911, Great Call can alert subscribers’ selected friends and family members.

The company generally receives four and five-star reviews for its unlimited range GPS monitoring services as well as is single button emergency alert system. It offers its services without requiring a monthly contract. It also charges as little as $19.99 a month for its subscriptions and likewise does not charge an installation fee.

Alert 1

alert1Alert 1 is another top name in the GPS emergency alert services industry. Along with offering simple-to-use consoles and wearable push button bracelets or necklaces for in-home monitoring, it also has recently added GPS and mobile technology to its list of services.

Websites like The Senior List give Alert 1 high marks for its low monthly subscription costs that range from $25 to $36 a month. The company also makes it easier for people to cancel or adjust their services as needed. Alert 1 also ranks high among reviewers because it offers fall detection services both inside the home and by GPS if people are away from their primary residences.

Medical Care Alert

While a relatively new business, Medical Care Alert receives high ratings with subscribers and professional reviewers alike. Since its start in 2012, the company has made a name for itself for offering GPS monitoring without a contractual obligation and without requiring customers to buy any equipment.

Further, Medical Care Alert requires that its agents be EMT-certified so that they can better respond during medical crises. This requirement puts Medical Care Alert at the top of many reviewers’ list and by many accounts puts it ahead of its competition.

It offers customers a a free 30-day trial so that they can try out its 24-hour monitoring services available. After that, the company charges customers a subscription price that ranges anywhere from $28 to $36 a month. However, it also offers a lifetime price guarantee to help clients lock in the prices at which they initially signed up for the services. Customers can cancel their services anytime without penalty.medical-care-alert-1

Finally, Medical Care Alert offers a product called Home & Away Elite, which allows people to use the service while they travel. The fall detection and 24-hour monitoring are made available through a partnership with AT&T. The Home & Away Elite device comes with automatic fall detection capabilities and also is water-resistant. This product combined with the company’s other products and services helps Medical Care Alert earn an 8.1 out of 10 score by the online review site Best Company.

GPS monitoring helps seniors stay busy and enjoy life. They can choose the best medical alert system for them by considering online reviews.

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