We reviewed the Best AARP Medical Alert Companies in 2021

Non-Monitored Medical Alert Systems

Non-monitored medical alert systems are gaining popularity because they do not come with monthly fees. For those who cannot afford the typical charge of $30 per month for live monitoring, these systems and devices may be a good alternative. These are some reviews of today’s top products.

Touch N’ Talk II Pro

touch-n-talk-ii-proFor those who prefer something fancier than a simple pendant with a button, this device may be the answer. The system comes with three components. There is a base unit, which connects to a phone jack and makes the calls. Also, there is a corresponding wall unit with an emergency button. The third device is a radio-like pendant that is portable and wearable. One of the features that makes the wall and pendant device rare among most non-monitored devices is their two-way talk capability.

Also, it is possible to answer incoming calls with the pendant device. Many users rate this feature highly because they can answer a call if they have fallen, they call someone and do not get an answer immediately. The system is also highly rated for its reliability. There is a long-life battery with easy testing functions. However, one downfall is that the system costs over $300. The company does provide a 30-day trial with a guaranteed refund if buyers are not satisfied. This system’s range is 600 feet.

Guardian Alert 911

guardian-alert-911Many people who want the assurance of two-way talk technology without paying over $200 prefer this simplified device. It is a pendant that also boasts a range of 600 feet, which is comparable to costlier systems. The device calls 911 at the push of a button to connect the wearer with emergency help. Guardian Alert 911 is priced at about $150. It is not as resistant to water as devices that cost more. Also, its battery life is not as long. Overall, the device receives good ratings.

Lifelink Prodigy

lifelink-prodigyFor buyers who do not need a built-in speakerphone on their pendant device, this system may be an affordable solution. The base console and pendant cost less than $300. Two of the features that most users like are the pendant’s waterproof design and its self-monitoring technology for function testing. However, one of the major complaints about this product is its tough installation process. In addition to setting up the equipment, users must program numbers into the device. They can choose friends, family, the police, 911 or other trusted contacts.

LogicMark Freedom Alert

logicmark-freedom-alertThis product is comparable to the Prodigy. However, one of the major differences is that it is not waterproof. It does resist water but is not as resilient for users who plan to take the device in the tub or shower. It is priced at under $200 for the combined purchase and shipping costs. One of the main advantages enjoyed by most reviewers is the two-way talk capability. They can easily talk to 911 operators with the push of a button. However, they must choose if their pendant will call 911 only or customized contacts only. The installation process for this device does receive some negative reviews for being long and difficult. Users must set up and program their own systems, and this product includes more components than the comparable Prodigy.

When choosing a unit, buyers must decide if they prefer a two-way talk radio or a button that automatically dials 911. For those whose needs may change, a device that features both capabilities is ideal. Also, buyers should always research the range of the device to be sure that it covers all of the areas in their home or yard. People who have reliable friends or family members are the ideal candidates for non-911 systems. Lastly, buyers must always read third-party reviews from other users before purchasing a product.

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