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Walmart Medical Alert Systems Review

Walmart Medical Alert Systems Review

Walmart offers a wide range of emergency medical alert systems. These systems are important because they help people maintain their independence without sacrificing safety. We’ll look at some of the most popular options for Walmart Medical Alert Systems.

Notifi911+ Mobile Alert Medical Pendant

The LogicMark Notifi911+ Mobile Alert Medical Pendant is a simple and easy-to-use emergency medical alert system. It uses GSM cellular networks to place emergency calls to 911.

The thing that makes the Notifi911+ so easy to use is the fact that it has a simple, one-button operation. You press the button and you’ll be put in two-way communication with a 911 operator.

The device comes with a USB charger, the pendent, a lanyard for the pendent, and a belt clip, so you never have to be away from help when you need it most.

MobileHelp Classic Medical Alert System

MobileHelp’s Classic Medical Alert System is a monitored system that helps you ensure that you or your loved ones are looked after at all times.

The system itself offers 24/7 emergency monitoring services, along with a 1-button help system. One of the best things about this system is that it doesn’t have any long-term contracts or activation fees. The fact that the system is monitored means you can expect top-level assistance when it’s needed most.

LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Alert System

The LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Alert System is a self-monitored alert system that works with your existing phone system. It offers two-way voice communication and the pendent is water resistant. That makes it a great option for those who worry about slipping in the shower or damage to their alert systems.

The pendent itself is powered by a lithium ion battery that provides good batter life. It’s also easy to recharge, as it comes with its own charging bay. You also get audible confirmations from the pendent when you’re dialing, shutting it off, and performing system tests. That makes it easy to be sure exactly what’s going on with your alert system at all times.

LM-Pendantm 35915 Freedom Alert Pendant

The Freedom Alert Pendent from LogicMark offers a huge amount of flexibility. In addition to contacting 911, the system can be programmed to hold up to four personal contacts. That means you can let your loved ones know what’s going on in addition to getting the emergency medical assistance you need.

The device connects to your existing phone system and comes with a 24 hour backup battery. That means you’ll be protected even in prolonged power outages. The system also has audible prompts, so you can be sure you understand what the system is doing to get the results you’re looking for. No testing when you want to call 911, and no calling 911 when you want to test.

Walmart Medical Alert Systems Review
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