What Happened to Mephisto Genetics?

Mephisto Genetics, a renowned cannabis breeding company, has recently experienced a significant change in their operations. Established in 2012, Mephisto Genetics quickly gained a reputation for producing some of the highest quality autoflowering cannabis strains in the industry. However, the company recently announced that they would be closing their doors to focus on a new venture.

The founders of Mephisto Genetics, Mitch and Tim, made the difficult decision to cease their breeding operations due to personal reasons. They expressed their gratitude to their loyal customers and supporters, acknowledging that their success would not have been possible without them. While the news saddened many cannabis enthusiasts, they also expressed understanding and support for the founders’ decision.

Mephisto Genetics was known for their commitment to producing unique and potent autoflowering strains. They believed in the potential of autoflowering genetics and aimed to create exceptional varieties that challenged the stigma surrounding these types of plants. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction earned them a strong following in the cannabis community.

Despite the closure of their breeding operations, Mephisto Genetics assured their customers that they would still be able to access their genetics. They made a strategic partnership with Night Owl Seeds, another reputable breeder in the industry. Through this collaboration, Mephisto Genetics’ strains will continue to be available to those who appreciate their exceptional genetics.


1. Can I still purchase Mephisto Genetics’ strains?
Yes, you can still purchase their strains through their partnership with Night Owl Seeds.

2. Will the quality of the strains remain the same?
While the strains will still be available, any changes in quality would depend on Night Owl Seeds’ breeding practices.

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3. Are there any new strains being released?
Mephisto Genetics has not announced any new strains since their closure, but this may change in the future.

4. Can I still find Mephisto Genetics’ seeds in retail stores?
The availability of Mephisto Genetics’ seeds in retail stores may vary, but they will continue to be sold through Night Owl Seeds.

5. Will Mephisto Genetics return to breeding in the future?
There is no information at this time regarding whether Mephisto Genetics will return to breeding.

6. Can I still contact Mephisto Genetics for customer support?
Mephisto Genetics will no longer provide customer support, but Night Owl Seeds may be able to assist with any inquiries regarding their strains.

7. How long will Mephisto Genetics’ strains be available through Night Owl Seeds?
The availability of Mephisto Genetics’ strains through Night Owl Seeds will depend on their agreement.

8. Are there any discounts or promotions available for Mephisto Genetics’ strains?
Any discounts or promotions would be at the discretion of Night Owl Seeds.

9. Will Mephisto Genetics’ strains be as popular without their direct involvement?
The popularity of Mephisto Genetics’ strains may be influenced by the quality and reputation of Night Owl Seeds as they continue the breeding process.

In conclusion, Mephisto Genetics’ closure marks the end of an era for the company. While their breeding operations have ceased, their strains will still be available through their partnership with Night Owl Seeds. The future of Mephisto Genetics’ genetics lies in the hands of their partner, and it remains to be seen how the strains will fare without the direct involvement of the original founders. Nonetheless, their contributions to the cannabis breeding world will not be forgotten, and their genetics will continue to be appreciated by enthusiasts around the globe.

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